Using Blended Learning to Prepare Future Distance Learning: A Technology Perspective

Tao, Jinyuan David
Ramsey, Carolyn
Watson, Marlene
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The Associate of Science of Nursing (ASN) programs in the United States typically adopt face-to-face teaching mode due to nursing field's practice-oriented characteristic. Recently, more and more ASN programs have migrated to a blended mode where lectures are pre-recorded and hosted in a robust Course Management System, and the traditional face-to-face teaching is still conducted on regular basis to reinforce learning. For the RN-BSN programs, however, the online mode is the main format for support of full time working registered nurses. This paper presents an exploratory evaluation of a blended learning mode adopted by an ASN program in terms of students' technology competence. The aim of this study is to investigate whether the blended learning mode of an associate nursing program can technologically prepare its students for their future distance education.
Tao, J., Ramsey, C., & Watson, M. (2011). Using blended learning to prepare future distance learning: A technology perspective. International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, 8(1), 37-47.