Anesthesia Provider’s Preception on Preserving Asepsis at the Epidural Catheter Hub

Epidural catheter infections occur despite best practice guidance. The incidence of positive infectious cultures obtained from epidural catheters is approximately 23%. While most infections are superficial, the incidence of infection within the deeper epidural space can result in permanent and irriversable neurologic damage. The epidural catheter hub is a potential route of contamination that can occur with repeated injections. There is very little literature focusing on the epidural catheter hub and the contamination with repeated injections. The objectives of this scholarly project is to examine the current practice of anesthesia providers and to evaluate whether the current evidence-based best-practice standards, regarding epidural hub mainenance are being applied consistently. Further investigation is needed and will be conducted by surveying providers to determine if there are inconsistencies among practice. The survey findings may suggest the need for further education regarding need for consistent evidence-based best-practice standards to help reduce the risks for epidural catheter infections.