Safe Epidural Administration and Management in the Obstetric Population

Kadeg, Anna
Cooper, Megan
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Safe administration and management of epidurals in the obstetric population is a skill that anesthesia providers perform and are responsible for. Unfortunately, mistakes can and do occur in this setting due to the effect of human error. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the common errors that can occur in this setting and to educate first year Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists (SRNAs) on how best to provide the safest care possible. By reviewing the most current literature available regarding common medication errors and causative factors as well as case studies related to the topic, the project aimed to provide a thorough educational experience for the SRNAs that would be preparing to provide care to the obstetric patient population through the administration and management of epidural anesthesia. In conclusion, the goal of the project was to raise awareness among the SRNAs of the potential for errors in the obstetric setting. Safety of the patient is a standard of care that all anesthesia providers must be accountable for in order to allow safe practice and overall high-quality patient care.