Identifying the Readiness of Patients in Implementing Telemedicine in Northern Louisiana for an Oncology Practice

Gurupur, Varadraj
Shettian, Kruparaj
Xu, Peixin
Hines, Scott
Desselles, Mitzi
Dhawan, Manish
Wan, Thomas T. H.
Raffenaud, Amanda
Anderson, Lindsey
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This study identified the readiness factors that may create challenges in the use of telemedicine among patients in northern Louisiana with cancer. To identify these readiness factors, the team of investigators developed 19 survey questions that were provided to the patients or to their caregivers. The team collected responses from 147 respondents from rural and urban residential backgrounds. These responses were used to identify the individuals’ readiness for utilising telemedicine through factor analysis, Cronbach’s alpha reliability test, analysis of variance and ordinary least squares regression. The analysis results indicated that the favourable factor (positive readiness item) had a mean value of 3.47, whereas the unfavourable factor (negative readiness item) had a mean value of 2.76. Cronbach’s alpha reliability test provided an alpha value of 0.79. Overall, our study indicated a positive attitude towards the use of telemedicine in northern Louisiana.
Gurupur, V., Shettian, K., Xu, P., Hines, S., Desselles, M., Dhawan, M., Wan, T. T. H., Raffenaud, A., & Anderson, L. (2017). Identifying the readiness of patients in implementing telemedicine in northern Louisiana for an oncology practice. Health informatics journal, 23(3), 181-196.