Advancement of the Nursing Honor Society and Development of Sigma Theta Tau Internatioinal Chapter at Adventist University of Health Sciences

Tucker, Ffion
Silas, Blessy
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The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), was founded by six nurses from Indiana School of Nursing, Indiana, in 1922. The purpose or mission of the STTI is to assist the learning, knowledge and professional advancement of nurses devoted to making a difference in global healthcare. The Adventist University of Health Sciences (ADU) established the Nursing Honor Society (NHS) in 2013 and is in the process of becoming a chapter of STTI. The ADU honor society has already completed the first two phases of STTI chapter development and is now operating in the third phase. The process of establishing an STTI chapter at ADU was started in 2012 by two nurse anesthesia students from the class of 2013 and was followed by another student from the class of 2014 who helped the chapter to proceed into the third phase. The goal of this project was to advance this chapter to its next phase and recruit needed members (50) to apply for the STTI chapter. This project needed to be done in order to help promote the NHS and to build membership so that the goal of achieving STTI status can come to fruition. This was necessary so that the mission of ADU and the STTI to build healthcare and advance nursing professional excellence can continue to be met, not only in the Florida Hospital community and its environs, but also globally. Advancing the ADU NHS to STTI chapter would be a great achievement and would provide for inter professional collaboration on an international level. This project has implications for nurse anesthesia practice in that membership by the nurse anesthesia students will deepen the roots of education by providing continuing education in the form of conferences, meetings, and online or in journal articles, and encourages growth by improving the leadership skills. These organizations will help nurses learn the refined values and priorities that are not learned from the classroom. It is of vital importance to help cultivate in these nursing professionals, soon to be CRNA’s, the drive to always strive for excellence and to align themselves with certain organizations that can help to facilitate this growth and development. This growth and development of leadership skills along with the continued drive for excellence by these student nurse anesthetists can also transcend into the work place and affect anesthesia practice.