What the American Journal of Critical Care Junior Peer Reviewers Were Reading during the First Year of the Program: Caring for Patients with Covid-19

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The Junior Peer Reviewer program of the American Journal of Critical Care provides mentorship in the peer review process to novice reviewers. The program includes discussion sessions in which participants review articles published in other journals to practice and improve their critical appraisal skills. The articles reviewed during the first year of the program focused on caring for patients with COVID-19. The global pandemic has placed a heavy burden on nursing practice. Prone positioning of patients with acute respiratory failure is likely to improve their outcomes. Hospitals caring for patients needing prolonged ventilation should use evidence-based, standardized care practices to reduce mortality. The burden on uncompensated caregivers of COVID-19 survivors is also high, and such caregivers are likely to require assistance with their efforts. Reviewing these articles was helpful for building the peer review skills of program participants and identifying actionable research to improve the lives of critically ill patients.
Smith, L. D., Berube, J., Indar-Maraj, M., Rosier, P., Walker, J., Carreon, C. J., Freeman, R., Gabel, K., Hernandez, A., Kolmer, M., Proctor, T., & Hope, A. A. (2022). What the American Journal of Critical Care junior peer reviewers were reading during the first year of the program: Caring for patients with Covid-19. American Journal of Critical Care, 31(4), e26-e30. https://doi.org/10.4037/ajcc2022158