A Comprehensive Guide to Pediatric Anesthesia

Jones, Jeremy
Radcliffe, Collin
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It was hypothesized that a comprehensive pediatric guide to the operating room in conjunction with a PowerPoint presentation would increase the knowledge base of twenty-six Adventist University of Health Science nurse anesthesia junior students. The perceived outcome of the increased knowledge would be a reduction in pediatric adverse events through the use of this comprehensive guide. Studies have shown that standardization and resources can reduce peri-operative adverse events. A pediatric guide to the operating room was formulated as well as a PowerPoint presentation that reflected the pediatric guides content. Participation in the pretest and posttest evaluation was voluntary and all students were randomly assigned a number to de-identify the data. A pretest and posttest were administered to evaluate the knowledge retention after the presentation. For statistical analysis, a paired sample t-test was performed to analyze the mean score before and after receiving the lecture. Statistical analysis was performed by Roy Lukman, PhD. The mean pre-test score was 36.9231 while the mean post-test score was 68.4615 with a confidence interval of 95% , a t-value of -8.806, and a p value < 0.05; therefore, it can be concluded that the average scores increased significantly and the results were significant.