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Reducing Stress Among SRNAs: Implementation of a Pre-Matriculation Wellness Module 409
Correlation Between Entry Grade Point Average and First Attempt National Certification Examination Scores for Graduate Registered Nurse Anesthetists 408
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist vs. Anesthesiologist Assistant: A Comprehensive Review of Similarities and Differences 402
Paradigm Shift from Cultural Competency to Cultural Humility: A Feasibility Study 350
Barriers and Determinants that Influence Membership in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists 315
Debriefing Post-Simulation and SRNA Self-Confidence and Satisfaction 312
Anesthesia Requirements for Redheads 312
The Correlation Between Self Evaluation Exam Scores and National Certification Exam First Attempt Scores 311
Optimizing Anesthetic Care for Jehovah’s Witnesses Regarding Alternatives to Blood Products 279
Correlating Graduate Record Exam Scores with National Certification Exam First-Attempt Scores 267