Metaphors We Innovate By: Graduate Students Transforming a Writing Community Through Networked Experiences

Austin, Sara
Bommarito, Daniel V.
Garskie, Lauren
Moreland, Kelly A.
Nickoson, Lee
Saenz, Marshall
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The CEA Forum
Drawing on the unique perspective and experiences of each author, we describe in detail various elements of what we have come to call the Writing Resource Initiative (WRI), a label given to a set of interconnected projects tied to way writing is studied, taught, learned, and lived at our institution. More specifically, the WRI is a student-led, collaborative effort aiming to enhance the visibility of writing and rhetoric at a large midwestern research university. The purposes and structure of the WRI are evolving, but there are two primary goals at present: (1) to support various initiatives taking place within a newly structured writing program and (2) to forge meaningful relationships with campus partners beyond the writing program itself.
Austin, S., Bommarito, D. V., Garskie, L., Moreland, K. A., Nickoson, L., & Saenz, M. (2018). Metaphors we innovate by: Graduate students transforming a writing community through networked experiences. The CEA Forum, 47(2):131-145.