Development of an Orientation Resource for JLR New Hires

JLR Medical Group had an ineffective orientation process for new hire Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) and Anesthesiologists. Concern was expressed about the lack of information provided to new JLR employees. Added to the stress of the transition to a new employer, new hires complained of daily confusion regarding site-specific locations, policies, procedures, and expectations. To address JLR’s orientation process, information was obtained from JLR’s current employees regarding their orientation needs. One hundred percent of the respondents strongly agreed that facility access codes and facility maps would have been helpful to the beginning of their employment with JLR. Ninety percent of the respondents strongly agreed that specific site tips and mentors would have been helpful. Eighty percent of respondents strongly agreed that access to print required forms prior to the first day on-site would have been helpful. Site visits were then performed to collect data regarding site maps, directions, door codes, contact information, and other site-specific tips. The most accessible method to deliver this information was identified. Through collaboration with JLR’s information technology department, this information was organized in a standard fashion and made accessible to all employees in a web-based format. One hundred percent of respondents who had utilized the information strongly agreed that facility access codes, facility maps, required forms, specific site tips, and CRNA privileges were helpful to the start of their employment. The implications for nursing practice are that there can be a reduction in new employee stress, employee turnover, and improvement in employee satisfaction with an effective orientation resource.