Perioperative Considerations for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

Gore, Paige
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Technological advances in health care are improving the survival rates of adults experiencing advanced cardiopulmonary failure. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) is one such advancement allowing for hemodynamic support until organ recovery can take place or an organ transplant becomes available. ECMO presents unique challenges to anesthesia as the patients are critically ill resulting in altered pharmacodynamics. Additionally, formulating an anesthetic plan of care can be challenging due to the complexity of the patient’s illness. A general knowledge deficit and limited clinical exposure was identified amongst the AdventHealth University (AHU) Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist’s (SRNA) regarding ECMO, therefore a systematic literature review and educational PowerPoint presentation addressing perioperative considerations was developed. The aim of the project was to increase the knowledge base of the AHU SRNA cohort of 2019 which can be applied to the cardiac clinical rotation assisting in a patient centered anesthetic plan. After obtaining informed consent 10 question multiple choice pre-test was administered followed by an educational PowerPoint presentation. After the PowerPoint presentation a posttest (identical to pretest) was administered to assess the knowledge base and effectiveness of the educational PowerPoint presentation. Th aim of the investigator was to assess baseline knowledge gain as evidenced by an increase in Pre and post- test scores. The presentation was effects as shown by an increase in mean increase in pre- test scores 47.72% compared to post- test 93.18%. Indicating that the aim to increase knowledgebase in this population via use of an educational PowerPoint was successful.
extracorporeal membrane oxygen, anticoagulation, fluid resuscitation, pharmacodynamics