Mentoring Undergraduate Nursing Students into Graduate Level Nurse Anesthesia Education

Derringer, Melissa
McIntyre, Gabriella
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There is minimal evidence to support or discourage the use of a mentorship program to increase the number of baccalaureate nursing students with the intent to apply to graduate level nurse anesthesia education at the time of graduation. The scholarly project aimed to evaluate the effect of a mentorship program on senior baccalaureate nursing students’ intent to pursue graduate level nurse anesthesia education. The causal relationship between the mentorship program and baccalaureate nursing student intent to apply was evaluated by analyzing results from a survey at the end of the mentorship period. An 8-week mentorship program with an integrated skills lab was completed by the senior baccalaureate nursing students before the survey was completed. This scholarly project sought to provide AHU baccalaureate nursing students and faculty with a one-to-one SRNA led mentorship program. Survey results from this scholarly project are minimally significant due to a small sample size. However, due a small level of increased intent to pursue graduate level nurse anesthesia education, the project results support the need for additional implementation with an increased sample size. Positive results from future studies may prove that implementing mentorship programs can assist in growing the profession of nurse anesthesia.