Pharmacological Treatment for the Prevention of Post-Anesthetic Shivering

Reed, Sarah
Brini, Mohammed
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This Capstone Project examines post anesthetic shivering (PAS), which is a relatively common manifestation following the administration of a general or regional anesthetic that can prolong the recovery time of patients stemming from hemodynamic instability. Many anesthesia professionals; including, student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs), lack a thorough understanding of PAS. The goal of this project was to increase the understanding among 43 SRNAs at Adventist University of Health Sciences, Nurse Anesthesia Program, regarding the etiology, risk factors, consequences, and pharmacological treatment options for PAS. The information was presented in the form of an educational-based presentation during the fall semester in a clinical conference. An informed consent was signed by each participant. A pre-test was administered, then a PowerPoint presentation on PAS was given, followed by a post-test. The pre- and post- test scores were analyzed using a paired t-test. Mean scores increased from 8.1 (pre-test) to 13.7 (post-test). This was a significant finding, with a p-value < .001. Based on these statistical findings, the presenters concluded that the PowerPoint presentation was an effective means for increasing the understanding and knowledge base of PAS.