Ketamine and its Applications in the Clinical Setting

Todorovic, John
Cardenas, Francisco
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The purpose of this research was to assess the level of understanding within the Adventist University student nurse anesthesia (SRNA) population regarding Ketamine. A lecture, as well as a pre-test and post-test to determine whether understanding of Ketamine increased, decreased, or remained the same. It is important that the anesthetist not only be familiar with all types of treatment modalities available, but proficient in them as well. As a result, this study looked to address any hesitancy for using Ketamine within the student nurse anesthesia population. An extensive literature review was conducted on Ketamine. This review generated results that seemed to demonstrate a large gap between understanding and administration of Ketamine, indicating a need for increasing the knowledge base of SRNAs. Upon review of the material, a PowerPoint presentation was administered to the student nurse anesthesia graduating cohorts of 2016 and 2017, informed consent was obtained, and a pre-test and post-test were administered. A paired t-test was conducted and the results of this indicated a significantly increased understanding regarding Ketamine and how to apply it in the clinical setting. The purpose of this research and presentation was to clear any confusion regarding this medication, and teach a population of providers who will soon be delivering anesthetics as a career, that they have an additional option available to them to optimize patient outcomes. The pre-test and post-test results indicated a significant increase in understanding and the PowerPoint presentation may serve as a teaching tool for other SRNAs and CRNAs in the future.