Safe Syringe and Needle Use

Russu, Demis
Wade, Robert
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It is the moral duty of anesthetists to provide excellent patient care, while virtually eliminating any hazardous risks. Education is a key component to positive results. An extensive literature review was conducted regarding proper infection control practices among anesthesia providers focusing on safe syringe and needle use. Unfortunately, the findings demonstrate the need for further education on this subject as unsafe practices violating the AANA’s standard IX continues to occur. In addition, the education gap between student nurse anesthetist and proper infection control practices was analyzed. The analyzed data demonstrated that there was a significant increase in average scores from pre to post-test evaluations. This suggests that the educational material, which was presented in between pre and post-test evaluations, is a positive tool to increase the knowledge base regarding safe syringe and needle use among SRNA cohorts. Literature containing conflicting evidence concerning the use of single–dose vials for multiple patients does exist. Additionally, it challenges the accuracy of the present infection control guidelines and regulations. Furthermore, it analyzes and describes flaws with the studies used to develop the guidelines and regulations that are currently used as standard of practice. This can further add to the level of confusion to practitioners that practice anesthesia based on evidence. Nevertheless, it is clear that in order to prevent infection and its transmission all healthcare providers must not breach hand hygiene, sterile preparation, or barrier precautions.