Clinical Uses and Limitations of the FloTrac Monitoring System

Simpson, Adam
Morris, Jonathan
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Background: The Edwards Lifesciences FloTrac Monitoring System can be utilized in the operating room to improve patient outcomes with the use of continuous measurement of hemodynamics. Those measurements can be used to help determine a patient’s fluid status or cardiac function. Student registered nurse anesthetists often have a lack of understanding and familiarity with FloTrac. The aim of this study was to educate those SRNAs with a PowerPoint presentation and increase their ability to utilize FloTrac. Methods: After informed consent was obtained, a convenience sample of 23 SRNAs at Adventist University of Health Sciences were given a 10-question test. A PowerPoint was then presented to the participants. At the conclusion of the PowerPoint, the SRNAs were given the same 10-question test. The tests were graded, and those numbers were then analyzed. Results: The mean score of the pretest was 3.8696, while the posttest was 8.4348. The standard deviation of the pretest was 1.86607 and the posttest was 1.07982. The obtained t value was -9.991, which is associated with a p < 0.05. This is considered statistically significant. Conclusions: The statistics show that the SRNAs demonstrated a significant increase in their knowledge and understanding of FloTrac. The participants may now have the understanding and confidence needed to appropriately utilize FloTrac in the clinical setting. Hopefully, this will lead to an increase is patient safety.